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"BOD is an extension of all that SPA is about. SPA is renowned
the world over for building the only mikes of their kind in the world.
Used by artistes from Celine Dion and Linda Ronstadt, to Garth Brooks
to Jackson Browne, SPA is the pioneer of ultra-thin-film diaphragm technology.
And I'm honored that SPA quality has become the benchmark by which all other
pro condenser microphones, including Neumann and AKG themselves are now
measured, by the greatest artistes, producers and engineers of our time.

And just as SPA is an extension of my dream of making better recordings,
so BOD is my expression of the artistic imperatives, which gave birth to that
now-famous microphone technology. Built On Dreams is the company I started,
which is a multifaceted, small expression of my many obsessions!

Music. Recording as an artform in itself. Computers and 3D art and animation...
The music publishing company which is the outlet for my songs, poetry
and essays. And finally a scrapbook slowly coming together online, because
I have always lived a part of my life in the public eye, as an artiste, actor,
model and most of all, perhaps, musician, and I believe that if we would
all spend a bit more time getting to know one another,we would all discover
how few differences there really are between us all at the deepest levels.

Welcome to Built On Dreams.

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