Data Dump &Restart

Data Dump & Restart is the function that resumes calculation and preserves the calculation conditions (position, speed) in MD. In this way, the parameter of a surface can be changed. You can work efficiently by starting calculation from a particular condition.

Data Dump & Restart uses the Dump file. This file is created by pushing the DUMP button after the completion of calculation. Thereafter the calculation of this project is started from the calculation condition which is saved in the Dump file.


1. Start a calculation.

2. After the calculation, push DUMP. A Dump file is created.

3. Resume the calculation. Verify that the Dump file previously saved is set in the DumpFileName section of the target object. Calculation is resumed by combining the starting time in time when the data is preserved. In case you do not use the Dump file, remove the name specified in DumpFileName.

4. Calculation is resumed from the moment the dump file was made.