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Okay 'Wavers... I've put together a fantastic collection of examples and
tutorials for you here that will take you far beyond the manual...
If something looks a bit different, it may just be a v. 7.0 enhancement.
But you can't find this stuff anywhere... and lots of pointers on those
Ultra-cool and hard to get SFX... Enjoy!

Click here to see some of the great feature examples in Lightwave and tutorials
on making fire with Hypervoxels, new map modes, morphing, etc.
These are the 6.0b features, but all are applicable, and will provide a lot
of info and will be updated soon.

Click here to see some of the amazing effects possible with Motion Designer
built in to Lightwave 7, now with even more capabilities. These examples
include ZIP LW files you can download. These effects include collision,
wind, gravity, cloth, (soft body dynamics) etc. These links include
animated GIF examples and tutorials.

Set 2

This set includes Particle Dynamics and Collision, Wind, etc.
MD interface examples and tutorials!

Have a blast, fellow Wavies!

Link to Newtek