Stephen Paul
... in a lighter moment

Artist, Scientist, Pioneer, Eccentric

(photo Wendy May)


Yes, it's true; our irreplaceable, inimitable, incorrigible founder
passed away on the 22nd of December, 2003.


While it was well known that he suffered with extreme arthritis for years, to the point of losing most of the use of his hands, one of his eyes,
almost a foot in height and occasionally his sanity, this was not what ultimately took him from this plane. Undetected, in part
due to the powerful medicine with which he was moderating his arthritis pain, was cancer that spread to his liver which finally took him down.
Not even he knew until four days before his passing.

Leave it to him....


While he is sorely missed, his spirit lives on, not only in the souls of those whom he touched,
but also in his music, his writings and his microphones.
We take solace in the fact that he is no longer hindered by his faulty earthly body
and is free of the physical pain that challenged him every waking moment in the last ten years.


A memorial celebration is in the planning.

Stay tuned for info.